Joanna Krupa’s a practicing Catholic – that makes everything okay

“As a practicing Catholic, I am shocked that the Catholic League is speaking out against my PETA ads. I’m doing what the Catholic Church should be doing, working to stop senseless suffering of animals, the most defenseless of God’s creation.”

I’m tired of these “practicing Catholics” justifying their bad behavior and wrong choices by trying to blame the Church for being uncaring or inactive on issues they think are important. This is nothing more than a repeat of the Patrick Kennedy argument: the Catholic Church doesn’t care about the sick and needy because it opposes a health care bill that funds abortion and does not protect the conscience of the health care provider. These are straw man arguments to justify their wrong headed positions.

PETA knows that sex, smut and shock sells. These are not stupid people. In this new ad campaign, featuring a naked, haloed and winged Joanna Krupa sporting a crucifix, PETA hits another home run.  But a home run with what audience? For the life of me, I can’t figure out who they are marketing to. Every single PETA ad I’ve ever seen, does nothing but turn me off to their cause.


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