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Jobs Summit by people who’ve held NO jobs? Is that hysterical or what?

Once again, this little jobs soiree at the White House this month is all for show.

It’s the image, stupid.

Less than 10% of the Obama administration have held jobs in the private sector and they are part of a JOBS SUMMIT? I’m pretty sure that not one of these cabinet appointees even had paper routes as kids. Seriously, can you see Rahm throwing papers from his banana handle barred Schwinn?

There’s an image I’d almost pay to see!

If it weren’t so sad that over 10% of America is unemployed, this would be funny.


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Remember this? WH says “We’ll hit back twice as hard”

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As Stage Right clearly lays out the story, there was an orchestrated effort that began in early August and culminated with the attack on Kenneth Gladney. It was led and directed by high level White House staffers with the message to Congressmen and women that “we’d have your backs” at the health care town hall meetings.  And memos that laid out a precise strategy for the SEIU and HCAN foot soldiers.

This article illustrates how well-organized Obama’s Marxist street army is, unlike the so-called “tea baggers” who are just average folks, showing up and exercising their constitutional rights.

I’m pretty sure that the national tea party organizers are reading this and paying attention. And we might want to take a lesson from the little known Marion’s Brigade. During the revolutionary war, they were a group of Patriots who used guerrilla warfare against the British. They hid behind trees and ambushed the enemy with quick, hit and run attacks: much like how the Native Indians fought.

Now, I’m not suggesting that we hide behind trees and benches in the park, with loaded muskets, by any means. In fact, just the opposite. Non-violence has been the shining example of the tea party movement. But we know their tactics and we need to fight back in unexpected and non-violent ways.

There is no better example of where the SEIU is getting their marching orders from than the head taco, himself. Do you remember how presidential this was? He “will call you out” if you disagree with or fight his Marxist plans for this nation. And  he encourages his followers to “get in the faces” of anyone who’s not in lock-step with The Plan.


Classless, clueless and drowning

This story is a prime example of why I have no confidence in this guy. I read this a week ago and its been on my mind since. He bows to foreign leaders, returns gifts to our allies and gives them worthless DVDs,  and doesn’t know when to leave or when to stay. To top it off, he then met with his war council… whoa!

Talk about being classless, clueless and in over your head:

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS (November 23, 2009)

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is getting used to leaving events before they end – even when he doesn’t have to.

Obama on Monday mistakenly left a White House ceremony honoring two activists’ work in Zimbabwe. After finishing his remarks in the East Room, he walked with first lady Michelle Obama into the grand hallway across the main floor of the Executive Mansion.

He returned a moment later, a bit sheepishly.

He said with a laugh, “I’m allowed to stay.” Then he added, “I never know what I’m allowed to do.”

Obama left when he had finished presenting the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award. His war council met a short time later to discuss options for Afghanistan and Pakistan.