Consider yourself warned.

The unspeakable evil done to women and girls – this is graphic and this. Pictures are the same but the texts are different authors.


No one should stand by and allow this to continue. And what kind of god would command or condone this?

I’m speechless.

5 responses to “STUNNINGLY EVIL

  • roxannadanna

    Sharia civil courts are now active in at least 6 UK cities, with the government’s blessing. To be fair, the Jews have had their own arbitration courts in the UK for years. Both of these religious courts settle civil (spousal abuse, for instance) and business disputes.

    I don’t think this is a good thing, at all. I can’t imagine how a nation can remain unified when it’s ruled by several sets of law.

  • samhenry

    It is rejected suitors who have, in the main, done these things. It is incomprehensible to us how rejection could lead to an individual believing that he could do this but Sharia law must support this.

    It is interesting that disfigurement to prevent another from being attracted to the woman has become a cultural norm.

    But women are also attacked by the Taliban for going to school. They are objects – chattel – unworthy to sit with the men in the mosques (many other religions do this as well).

    Women are also the objects of slow, paiful barbaric deaths through stoning (something common in Biblical times).

    Militant Islamists do not believe in usury and their “banking” system involves handing moneyoff person to person until debt has been paid or transfers have been completed.

    In short, while their punishments are severe, so are they criticize the immorality of the west citing sexual freedoms including homosexuality; the uncovering of women; and usury to name a few.

    Militant Islamists seek to send us back to the stone age to cure us of these things. Only be agreeing to their cultural demands will it be possible to avoid painful subjugation.

    Because individuals – lone wolves – throw the disfiguring acid, still their methodology is effective – they are rarely caught.

    Thank you for bringing these forceful images to our attention to wake us up.

  • steve

    Un-freaking-believable … I agree with Dena; the weasels in our government continually apologize for America’s short-comings when things like this are going on continually. Apparently the Islamic god isn’t as benign and compassionate as we’re led to believe.

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  • Dena

    Maybe the “fine” Senator from Louisiana will read this column. Maybe then she’ll know what real life slavery is TODAY instead of being concerned about what happened many many many years ago. Something that we had nothing to do with.

    I’ve known about this for a very long time, but this is the first time I’ve seen pictures. I can’t imagine the pain. Makes the whiners wanting apologies and monetary reimbursements for the treatment of their great grandpa look a little greedy, doesn’t it? Greedy was the nicest word I could come up with.

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