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Consider yourself warned.

The unspeakable evil done to women and girls – this is graphic and this. Pictures are the same but the texts are different authors.


No one should stand by and allow this to continue. And what kind of god would command or condone this?

I’m speechless.

Okaaaaaay… the all time fun place to be: Daily Kos!

I need to update this story because I’m behind the times and didn’t pay attention to dates etc on his blog. This all occurred way back in August. Since then Lee has apparently found a home at HuffPo and with Tommy Christopher at his blog, DailyDose.


But it’s still an interesting and funny episode, just the same:

This guy, Lee Stranahan apparently wrote a pretty innocuous story about the John Edwards scandal that pissed off the powers-that-be at the Daily Kos.  He feels this is not a ban-worthy story but lo and behold! he was banned! And banned a couple more times.

The Kos is publicly censoring their commrades and when the opportunity arises, they resort to ridicule (calling Lee’s supporters trolls and sock puppets) to ostracize those not in lock step with the party line.

It’s a funny story and if  you have time to read Lee’s blog about it, you should find it as enjoyable as I did.

Abortion: a state’s rights issue

“Federalism also diffuses conflict and promotes harmony.  A strong proponant of the death penalty can live in Texas, which has the most active execution chamber, and not care much that New Jersey has just abolished the punishment. Individuals with widely divergent beliefs are able to coexist in the same country because of the diversity and tolerance federalism promotes.” Mark Levin/Liberty and Tyranny

Substitute the word abortion for ‘death penalty’ and this is exactly why abortion should never have been taken from the states to decide. Abortion should be a state’s rights decision and not a governmental edict. The Supreme Court, with Justice Blackmun leading the charge, created this policy. It can’t be called a law because Congress nor THE people ever voted on this.

A woman in Texas was forbidden by law from having an abortion on demand. At the time the law in Texas allowed abortion only “by medical advice for the purpose of saving the life of the mother.” And of course, her life was not in danger. This case gave the SCOTUS an extraordinary moment in history.

Blackmun made policy by establishing which trimester a fetus was protected under the Constitution. In other words, he determined when a fetus became a human being – although many and the state of Texas believed that at the moment of conception it is a human being –  and therefore, when it was provided rights and protection under the state.“Blackmun specifically declared that the unborn child was not a ‘person’ under the fourteenth amendment and thus, had no equal protection rights.” Mark Levin/Men in Black

This is how more absurd it got: “Blackmun constructed a hyper-technical analysis to break down the rights of the mother and the state. In the first trimester, the decision to abort must be left up to the mother’s physician. In the second trimester, the state may regulate abortion procedures to promote its interest in the mother’s health. In the third trimester, in the interest of protecting the unborn child, the state can regulate and even ban abortion, except where, by medical judgment, it is necessary to preserve the mother’s life or health.” Men in Black

And keep in mind Blackmun was not talking about the ‘state’ of Texas. He was talking about the federal government when he used the word ‘state.’

“To be true to its constitutional role, the Supreme Court should refuse to be drawn into making public policy, and it should strike down legislation only when a clear constitutional violation exists.” Men in Black

The result is that the justices impose their own personal theories and biases on issues that the constitution does not address and is outside their purview.

The right  – or not – to abortion should be the people’s decision. It’s a morality issue and therefore has no place in the courts. It should be struck down and given back to the states and their citizens to decide. This is an issue that does not find cover under the invisible “right to privacy” which does not even exist in the Constitution.

The Supreme Court has become a legislative body by the de facto creation of policies.  And unfortunately we have president who plans to continue to appoint policy making justices.

Lest we forget:

How many more state dinners and South Lawn galas before he’s paid everyone back?

Read this if you have time

The comments are interesting.


Obama’s numbers still to sink: Oprah’s end days result in a randy resurrection?

The longer OBAMA dithers on sending troops to Afghanistan, the more support for the war is eroding, this according to this morning’s Rasmussen polls. Is this a calculated plan or an unintended consequence? A month ago, 45% of those polled believed we could still win this war as opposed to 39% today.

Did the commie cabal in the White House know that this was likely to happen? Or is this another “lucky” break for them? If public support continues to fall off, it will make it easier for him to extracate us from this mess.

Or is it an indication that most Americans don’t trust him as a leader to manage and command a war – or a country?

His approval rating has been in minus double digits for the last 9 consecutive days;  at -13 today.

But we can still take heart: 24% of those polled say they watch Oprah, at least occasionally. (insert rolley eyed emoticon here, please.) And although she has tearfully announced to a likewise tearful audience that the end days are coming for her show, Oprah is in the works with HBO on a  really sexy series.

The writer of this hour long program for HARPO Films is the same gal who wrote Secretary, which starred James Spader and Meg Gyllenhaal. When I read this I had to laugh out loud as it was described as “the story of a boss-secretary relationship that veers into S&M.”

VEERS? if you’ve seen Secretary, you know it does not veer – it dive bombs into serious kink!

Oprah’s new HBO series pilot is about a woman who leaves her husband, kids and home in sunny suburban Santa Monica to embark on a voyage of self discovery and live out her fantasies (of the sexually dark and seedy kind) in a dark and seedy part of L.A. She disappears so abruptly that her family initially believes she’s been kidnapped or murdered… or both.

ahhhhhhhh…. interesting times.