Washington Opportunist Scumbagging DickHeads…

in the words of The Great One, Levin:


Ya just had to see this coming.

Just when you think these guys can’t get any lower…

how much more corrupt and elitist can those politicians get?

About a year after Washington began its rescue of two Detroit automakers, so many federal officials want to attend the Detroit auto show that organizers have, for the first time, created a new credential specifically for those in government.

Requests for passes to the show are pouring in from members of Congress, the Department of Transportation and other agencies, Doug Fox, chairman of the 2010 North American International Auto Show, said today.

Taxpayers have provided more than $80 billion in aid to the auto industry. [I wish I could triple bold this line!]

When the show opens to the press, analysts and politicians Jan. 11, about twice as many federal officials are expected to be in attendance, wearing the new gray and silver passes. The Detroit auto show opens to the public Jan. 16.

With all of the interest from Washington, will President Barack Obama stop in to see how General Motors and Chrysler are using taxpayer money? [And this one too!]

At this point, it’s unclear.

“It’s certainly a possibility,” Fox said.

This is the kind of shit they are going to want us to drive.

4 responses to “Washington Opportunist Scumbagging DickHeads…

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  • samhenry

    I can’t believe that the government is still running GM without an exit strategy but I guess Obama isn’t good at drafting those.

    I don’t know how you come up with these great report. Everyone else is writing about Obama’s bow and you produce something of interest and import that is off the beaten track. Bravo. SH

    • roxannadanna

      I find it hard to believe too. I don’t understand why the govt isn’t out of this or getting out. But this is some kind of marriage with the union that I think Obama wants and wants to keep going. Maybe some kind of new ‘social experiment’ kind of thing.

      I love that avatar of yours and I love the reason you are using it.
      and thank you and Steve for reading here!

  • steve

    Obama doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about how the tax-payer’s money is being used by the auto industry…just as long as it benefits any country except America.

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