Daily Archives: November 12, 2009

We need another Reagan

This week at Ft. Hood, TheOne called us a selfish, divided and cynical people. At an occasion that should have been uplifting in the midst of sorrow and grief, he still found reason to criticize us. Any positve statement the president makes about America – and they are few – is always qualified with negatives.

It’s been less than a year; are you tired of hearing these things from the president? Imagine that we have 3 more years of it.

I believe this is what we long to hear again. This is the kind of man or woman we are looking for. This is who we want to lead us. Someone who lifts us up as a nation and reminds us of our best parts. This is the kind of man or woman who will win the next election. This is the kind of person who believes in his heart of hearts that we are a good and generous nation of people who love liberty, who have fought for it and died for it.

We don’t have to stand in front of bullets to protect it. We have brave, selfless heros who are doing that and have done that for us. All we have to do is speak and vote.