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Ignoring Infiltration

It will turn out to be the army’s fault. They simply didn’t “adapt” themselves to Hasan’s needs. They required him to do things. They insisted on sending him to Afghanistan when he didn’t want to go. All those things they never require of Christian, secular, Jewish, or (Vishnu forbid!) Hindu soldiers. Much will be made of the fact that somebody once keyed his car. (Always a good excuse for a massacre — just ask all those lefties I shot after somebody keyed my vehicle for displaying the wrong bumper sticker.) When it happens again — as it will — we will hear cries for more “understanding,” for the armed forces to adapt to changing circumstances, for removal of crosses on military bases, for the elimination of Jewish officers in units into which Muslims might be transferred. Obama will give a speech about it. Secretary Napolitano will attend a series of conferences. As for Casey…well, who listens to retired generals anyway?

It’s time to accept that these are soldiers on a ‘sacred’ mission

It’s time we stopped viewing jihadists as terrorists and events such as took place last week at Ft.Hood as terrorist attacks. I’m tired of hearing “we’ve not determined if this is a terrorist attack or not.” It was not a terrorist attack. It was another battle in the war the IslamoFascists declared on us almost 20  years ago.

They understand that they are at war with us, but we’ve yet to come to the party. We keep viewing their battles as “events” or “incidents” or “attacks”, as though they are isolated, requiring police action and not related to each other. These zealots are at war with us and only they seem to realize it.

It’s unique to be sure and requires a new kind of mindset. We aren’t fighting a uniformed force with a national identity. Physically, they don’t look alike. (There are Muslim extremists in America, the Philippines, as well as in the Middle East – all with entirely different physical characteristics.) Because there are no boundaries on an ideology, there is no definite theater of engagement. In other words, this is a world wide theater.

We have few allies in this war. The Europeans are afraid to stand beside us because a large portion of their population is Muslim. And it’s not the politically correct thing to do. Socialists are all about what’s politically correct. I’m also sure that the French have not forgotten the youth riots of 2005 when riots and burnings took place across the nation and went on for days.

The 2005 youth riots in France

Additionally, we don’t even have the support of our own countryman against this enemy. We have a politically correct entertainment industry, press, government and military. Would we rather not offend the Muslims and take the chance that 3000 or 13 innocents could be killed? After last week, the answer is apparently yes. Political correctness is partially responsible for the deaths and injuries at Ft.Hood.

The president made it clear in the early months of his administration, that he wants to discontinue the war on terror mindset and rebrand our endeavors as “overseas contingency operations.” Because its PC-ness is so obvious it’s laughable, that phrase has become fodder for countless jokes.

In this quest to be PC, our press turns  the blame on the military for allowing alleged bullying and name-calling by other military personnel, as well as painting this killer as a victim of an uncaring army. But General Casey wants to promote a diverse military, even at the expense of a wink and a nod to officers who are contacting Al-Qaeda members outside the country: “As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casulty, I think that’s worse.” Can it get more PC than that? And coming from the Army Chief of Staff?

How much more do they need to do, how many more deaths of our citizens have to occur,  how much more horrific does it need to be, before we are willing to accept that war has been declared on us? These killers are not criminals in the sense that other mass murderers are. They see themselves as Allah’s soldiers in a sacred mission to kill the infidels. In the words of Hasan: “we love death more than you love life.”  They are willing to go to any lengths, including killing themselves and their own, in the furtherance of their God’s dictates.

As we continue to view these battles as isolated terrorist attacks – as though they are criminal acts and not battles in an ongoing war against us – we lose every battle. And we will lose the war, in the end.

Our fallen heros deserve better than this from us. They deserve nothing less than victory over these suicidal/homicidal footsoldiers of an evil ideology.