Klavan’s Find God Infomercial – Wonderful!!

2 responses to “Klavan’s Find God Infomercial – Wonderful!!

  • roxannadanna

    Thanks for your opinion.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  • JonnyN

    I usually like Klavan, but not that one, especially the schtick about civilization in Europe ending because of atheism which doesn’t make any sense at all: given that his hypothesis is that Europe will be overrun by religious (& socially conservative) people, surely this would be good for civilization according to his argument.

    I take great exception to his idea that atheism fuels mass murder. There was plenty of religious impulse in Soviet and Maoist Chinese leader worship. Does he not think that religious ideologies, for example radical islam, might be capable of murder on an immense scale if given the means?

    It is almost certainly the case that some beliefs, religious or otherwise, are more conducive to a civilized, wealthy and free society than other beliefs (I would tentatively suggest that Protestant Christianity and Protestant Atheism are good in this sense). Which beliefs these are is an interesting debate which is often closed down by the everything-is-equivalent crowd. This PJTV was not a useful contribution to the debate.

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