Some days there is nothing else you can do…

The Scream by Edward Munch

Please, be this the end of horrific days.

3 responses to “Some days there is nothing else you can do…

  • roxannadanna

    After coming home from work this morning with the news of a gunman lose in Orlando and the still stunning, numbing news of Ft. Hood… Munch’s image is the one that popped into my head. (Sometimes I see images when I “feel” feelings. I’m insane… I know.)

  • arlenearmy

    To be blunt, I feel that America does not have a President. Obama’s an ignorant, inexperienced wanna-be king. We are actually on our own.

    I was talking w/some relatives today & they complained that this presidency is a nightmare & is adversely affecting their lives & well being. btw, my kinfolk are long life democrats.

    The longer Obama is in that white house, the faster this nation will go down the tubes.

  • Dena

    This is a perfect example of how I feel every time I read or hear about what is going on in DC.

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