Controls on internet speech – it’s here now

Once again, I want to direct anyone who reads here, to take a minute and read Arlene’s blog. This is the future of the internet.

Be sure and read the comments.

Let’s see: girls beat each other up, record it on their phones and then post them on YouTube. In Chicago, gangs beat an honor student to death in the street, record it and post on YouTube. Adults film their toddlers being forced to smoke pot and post it on YouTube.

But post on YouTube anything remotely anti-gay – considered hate speech – and you are removed.

2 responses to “Controls on internet speech – it’s here now

  • roxannadanna

    Fox, you are so right on this. It is a war. It is treachery and treason. It is the destruction of our nation. And he’s doing it in a big hurry.
    They realize this is there only chance and they aren’t going to let it slip by… never let a good crisis go to waste… the economy and healthcare, have become the crisis call to action for them.

  • Foxwood

    It’s a war on all fronts, Roxy. That’s why we stick together. We have to get to work out to the non believers and those that have not heard the work yet.

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