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Townhall.com Blog : Greg Hengler : Axelrod: When You Campaign On Obama’s Progressive Program — You Win!

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No media bias here, is there Andrea?

“WE’LL always have New York 23rd…”


CNN finishes in last place on election night


Here’s the ratings breakdown from last night:

FNC: 4,043,000 in total viewers (1,130,000 in A25-54)

MSNBC: 974,000 in total viewers (308,000 in A25-54)

HLN: 842,000 in total viewers (341,000 in A25-54)

CNN: 826,000 in total viewers (227,000 in A25-54)

FNC topped MSNBC, HLN and CNN combined in total viewers and in the demo. HLN edged MSNBC in the demo as well during prime time. We’ll have more numbers coming.


In what appears to be a retreat and regroup by the WH, Axelrod  gave Major over 10 minutes of face time on Fox. I guess the WH got the message that this feud was only hurting them.


Blogging Rules for Radicals @ PajamasMedia.com: suggested reading

Months ago I heard Mark Levin mention Saul Alinsky and his book Rules for Radicals. I have a brother who is a socialist and it drove me crazy trying to understand what could possibly have made him this way. (Yes, I admit it. I think socialism is a mix of mental illness and religion.) So my fingers ran to Amazon.com and I ordered the book, hoping this would give me some enlightenment on my brother, the leftist movement and also, what the government is becoming.

As I read the book, I kept seeing more and more of Alinsky’s influence in the behavior and actions of the current administration. I saw his tactics in use during the campaign. It became crystal clear to me what was going on, what they were doing and how it was going to play out for us. In short, it scared the hell out of me!

I read up on Alinsky, himself, too. Where he came from, what educational background he had and so forth. I was surprised to learn he came from Chicago, just as Obama and his cronies had. Several months ago, I blogged about him here.

Right now, on PajamasMedia.com, Barbara Curtis (BarbaraCurtis.com) is doing a read-a-long book blog about Alinsky and his book. Bloggers are reading the book with her, she blogs about each chapter and they then discuss. This is part one of her Blogging Rules for Radicals. She and her blogger/readers have done 3 parts, so far.

I recommend that you take the time to read her blogs and the blogger comments.

In the words of Sun Tzu: If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril.

There is much to learn and little time to do it in.


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Tuesday night got visibly annoyed with radio host Mark Williams for daring to bring up the Hardball host’s famous assertion that Barack Obama gave him a “thrill” up his leg. After Matthews goaded Williams and suggested he didn’t know the name of the Republican leadership in Congress, Williams paraphrased, “Chris, you’re making my legs tingle!”

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Controls on internet speech – it’s here now

Once again, I want to direct anyone who reads here, to take a minute and read Arlene’s blog. This is the future of the internet.

Be sure and read the comments.

Let’s see: girls beat each other up, record it on their phones and then post them on YouTube. In Chicago, gangs beat an honor student to death in the street, record it and post on YouTube. Adults film their toddlers being forced to smoke pot and post it on YouTube.

But post on YouTube anything remotely anti-gay – considered hate speech – and you are removed.