Our fellow Americans SPOKE

Tonight I celebrate for those patriots in New Jersey, Virginia and the 23rd District of NY! Although Hoffman has conceded, he made a good showing and scared the Republican party. This was not in vain for him or for us. I’m afraid his loss is the fault of the Republican party.

So we still have plenty to celebrate.

Then back to work tomorrow and fend off the left wing spin.

8 responses to “Our fellow Americans SPOKE

  • roxannadanna

    On point – every point! You are exactly right on everything.

    This loss was the fault of the party and I hope they learned something. The majority of those Scozzafava votes would have gone to Hoffman, the the Repub bigshots backed the wrong horse from the beginning.

  • steve

    Hopefully we can send all the weasels to the unemployment lines in 2010. It’s about time we sent the message that enough is enough. Shame about New York, but that’s okay.


    Dede ‘s name was still on the ballot as a republican and she got 5 % of the vote.
    This info is according to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.
    Go figure, Doug may have won.

    • roxannadanna

      Hoffman lost because of the Repub. party. They blew this race from start to finish! He should have won and he probably should have.

      I hope the party learned something important here.

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  • ClassicFilm

    BTW, love the champagne glasses… classy!

  • ClassicFilm

    Hoffman did stellar. Not only was he not backed by a major party until Sunday afternoon, but RINO Scozzafava betrayed conservatives by suddenly supporting the Democrat candidate. Not to mention that a flood of money came cascading in from the DNCC for Bill Owens. While I’m sad that Hoffman didn’t win, but the difference between “David and Goliath” votes was thin. This sends a crystal clear message to the GOP — we want conservative candidates, buckos.

    I’m totally blown away by the NJ win for Republicans… didn’t expect that.

    Gay marriage was shot down in Maine… huge win for the Republicans for Virginia governor.

    Press Sec. Gibbs said Obama was not paying any attention to the election results. Great, patriotic message of leadership to send the country, Mr. President. Gives us all tingles up the leg… NOT.

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