Double speak? Nope. I call this “how stupid do you think we are?”

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    It amazes me how far they think they can elude the American People.
    Saw a Tea Party poster on MM’s blog which states;

    Ram it down our throats in 09,
    We’ll ram it up your (picture of donkey) in 10.

    I like that and as far as the politicians dismissing our opinions, they ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
    IMO, they are going to get their head handed to them.
    They are being, and have been warned repeatedly over the last six months that their time is limited.
    Their arrogance will defeat them.

    Michelle Bachmann has energized folks to meet their congress critters on the steps of the capitol this Thursday at 12:00.
    Glenn Beck had calls this morning on his radio show from people , on buses, in transit to WDC,
    to look eye to eye with the people that are trying to take this Republic down.
    One woman said that she wants to see her rep “see our beady little eyes”.

    You folks on the conservative blogs try to cover this as best you can.
    There is no telling how many folks will show up there. There will be NO msm reports except for FOX.
    Mark Levin, and Jon Voight will be there on the steps of the Capital Building.
    Levin had a call last night from a woman FLYING FROM CALIFORNIA to stand up for our rights on the Capital steps.

    All I can say is, America is alive and well !

    Love your Blog !

    • roxannadanna

      I can’t thank you enough for reading it! And more importantly, commenting for all the faceless readers.

      What I would give to be there on Thurday! I wanted to go to the big one in DC this summer but just didn’t have the funds for it. So I do what I can afford to do – I call and email my Reps (who happen to be Republican and have thus far voted the way I want), I email the WH and I blog. Basically all the same things the rest of us are doing.

      I went to Hannity’s freedom concert last summer and the energy and patriotism was so terrific! I can’t wait for next year. I know that how I felt at the concert is how everyone feels at the Tea Party rallies and how they will all feel come this Thursday.

      These people in office now will be petrified after tonight, as well they should. I’m buying a bottle of bubbly to celebrate! LOL Seriously.

      This is the first ballot voice from us to those who are not going to uphold the constitution and remember who they work for! This is a big night for conservatives and we should celebrate our victories. Even if they are in NY, VAor NJ – a continent away from AZ. I’m celebrating for every tea party-er and every constitutionalist in this country!

      And tomorrow, we all go back to the work of taking back this nation.

      • AFVET

        Roxy, you and I are living in times that are comparable to the times our Founding Fathers lived in.
        There is an insidious movement toward socialism.
        Thanks for your efforts to get the information out there to educate and inform the American people.

        Let Freedom Ring !!!

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