Honor killings, gang rape and NOW

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Why would you come to America and raise a family, if you hated the culture? Why would you raise a child here and then try to kill her for becoming “too Westernized”?

Short of maybe the Amish, who deliberately isolate themselves from the rest of the culture, there is no other group in America who can even come close to preventing the Westernization of their children. The Amish provide their own schools for their children. Most Muslims who come to America put their children in public school. They aren’t in Muslim schools, by and large. And even if they were, you can’t prevent exposure of your kids to Western traditions and morals and live in the suburbs. Amish don’t live among the ‘English’, on purpose. It is their choice and they don’t impose that choice on the rest of the nation. They live quietly and peacefully among their own. They don’t expect the rest of America to acquiesce to their religious beliefs or expect us all to turn off our electricity or disconnect our phones. Consequently, most Americans respect and admire the Amish. I know that I do.

Coming here as a Muslim, raising a family and then condemning your daughter to honor killing because she has a boyfriend or wants to be a cheerleader, is simply insane thinking.  Why did you come here? Why did you bring  your family here or start a family here? Why would you expect we would make concessions in our laws and our courtrooms, for your crazy belief that you can kill a female family member for ‘dishonoring’ you?

And where is the outrage? I know there are some brave bloggers out there like Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs and others who are speaking out loudly on this but they are few and alone in the forest. Where is NOW? Why do they not speak up about this? Why are they consistently silent on these events?

I am so incensed by this continuing to happen all over this country. And everyone is afraid to speak up because they’re MUSLIMS. There is no other reason for the silence from NOW and the left, or any other direction, for that matter. None. If you can give me a better answer, I want to hear it.

And while I’m on this rant, what about this 15 year old girl in Richmond, California who was gang raped for 2 hours with an enthusiastic filming audience? Where is NOW on this one? This is the National Organization for WHAT Women? Which ones do they represent? Just the ones who want abortion rights and want everyone in America to pay for it? Is that the only group? Because I’m not seeing them representing any other women in this nation.

NOW’s time has come and gone, long ago. They are a toothless group of old maids who need to retire and take a cruise somewhere… for a long, long time.


4 responses to “Honor killings, gang rape and NOW

  • Hamish Stewart

    Good call Rox. I am just about to post on the subject of honour killings on my MySpace blog having just watched a German TV news programme about it in Turkey. I am a total left wing ( Labour ) voter in New Zealand, can’t be bothered with religious stuff but don’t object to any religion, I do however struggle to understand why the hell anyone would emmigrate to the west if they are not prepared to participate in the cultue they have engaged in.
    FFS if you think like some idiots that America is the great Satan go to Iran, and guess what most Iranians are very embarressed by the idiots in charge there.
    Honor killings have no place in any culture and a beautiful young life has been ended by the person who in my Darwinest view was responsible for nurturing that life. I hope Allah is preparing a special place in hell next to Hitler for this prick and his ilk. If I was a believer I would pray for it.

    • roxannadanna

      HI! Thanks for reading my blog.
      I am as disturbed as you about this topic. And can’t believe how little attention it gets from the media and public here in America. We can’t control what happens in sovereign nations such as Iran, regarding the abuse of women and girls but for damned sure we can here in America. And it’s a disgrace how it is being buried by the press and overlooked by organizations like NOW.
      Just a horrible disgrace!

  • roxannadanna

    Oh yea… good catch! 😉

  • Dena

    Oh, yeah. Those male chauvinists always talk about dishonoring the family. Of course, they never do anything wrong, only the women do wrong things.

    I would like to correct you on one thing. You called the members of NOW “old maids”. I think it should be “old hags”.

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