The Spotlight On First Ladies – CBS News Video

She ran barefoot on the White House lawn!!! This first family is just sooo waaaay cool!


Vodpod videos no longer available.


4 responses to “The Spotlight On First Ladies – CBS News Video

  • roxannadanna

    Can you believe the big deal Bob Schieffer made over this? BFD, she ran barefoot! And biggerFD that she’s supposed to be the FIRST first lady to do so!

    Who gives a shit???

    • AFVET

      I want her to step in the dog poop, and then watch the attendants “clean the first ladies feet, and make a video so the American People can see how royal the Michelle is.”


      • roxannadanna

        LOL I like that phrase “the Michelle”.

        Hey AFVET, have you been watching the Rush interview on Fox News Sunday?

        It’s excellent. If you’ve missed it, watch the replay later today.


    Does anybody mention that the first ladiy has 26 czars, OMG attendants. Damn, I’m just a dumbass taxpayer.
    Her bare feet on the white house lawn will give her attendants something to do for the rest of the evening, while accepting the exorbitant pay, and acting like a harem to the QUEEN.

    God Help U.S. !

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