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Johnston is a self-made jackass

Levi Johnston is trash because he’s behaving like a combination of Kato Kaelin and Joey Buttafuoco. This is a guy who’s trying to make a living by hurting the family of the woman he had a child with. What does that say about Levi Johnston?

Levi Johnston is trash, plain and simple

by John Hawkins

If Sarah Palin had been a Democrat, no show more credible than Jerry Springer’s would be giving Levi Johnston a chance to spread scurrilous gossip about her.

Why would they? Levi Johnston is a 19-year-old high school dropout whose mother is in jail for selling Oxycontin. Johnston’s sister Mercede? She got her pockets filled by the trashy Star magazine to talk about the Palin family. Read that description of the Johnston family and you tell me if you’d trust any of them to so much as mind the till at your child’s lemonade stand for five minutes.

Setting that aside, Levi Johnston isn’t Sarah Palin’s friend, her husband, her business partner, her adviser, or even a staffer. To the contrary, he’s a 19-year-old kid who got to spend a little time around the family and their daughter. Do you really think Sarah Palin is spilling her deepest, darkest secrets in front of Levi? Do you think she’d talk about divorcing her husband in front of him? Do you think she’d call her son a “retard” in his presence? Common sense says “no.”

Of course, anything’s possible and common sense isn’t always common. But if someone’s lying, who do you think it’s more likely to be? The woman who knowingly chose to have and raise a child with Down syndrome or the kid who parlayed being the source of malicious gossip about Sarah Palin into a pistachio commercial? Who’s lying? A woman who made a reputation for herself fighting corruption in politics or a kid who now refers to himself as Ricky Hollywood?

Perhaps Levi Johnston hasn’t thought through the long-term ramifications of his actions. He probably didn’t get much of a moral education from his drug-dealing mother and there isn’t much of an indication that he’s bright. Have you seen his Twitter feed? Twitter isn’t exactly an intellectual medium, but read some of these tweets from the last 72 hours and ask yourself if Levi Johnston is smart enough to fully understand how he’s being used:


Is it true that NYC doesn’t have a drinking law .. !!! you can buy alcohol any time , all day all night ??? SWEEEETTTTTTTTT

You ever feel like doing everything in a city you visit but always end up not doing sh*t , just watching TV at the hotel & eating out !

Would you show your WANG for $35,000 ?

Levi Johnston is not trash because of those tweets. He’s not trash because of the family he was born into. He’s not trash because he’s a high school dropout and not the brightest guy in the world. He’s not even trash because he doesn’t like Sarah Palin. Not everybody likes her. It doesn’t make them bad people.

Levi Johnston is trash because he’s behaving like a combination of Kato Kaelin and Joey Buttafuoco. This is a guy who’s trying to make a living by hurting the family of the woman he had a child with. What does that say about Levi Johnston?

What does his lack of regard for his own son say about him? He’s utterly poisoned his relationship with the mother of his child and her family. He’s in talks to do full frontal nudity for Playgirl. In another few years, when Bristol and Levi’s son Tripp is in school, is he going to have someone thrusting pictures from Levi’s Playgirl spread in his face? Is Tripp going to be proud of the way his father earned his 15 minutes of fame? A “man” like Levi Johnston who sees nothing wrong with putting his own child through that for his own tawdry self-aggrandizement doesn’t deserve to truly be referred to as a man.

So Levi can try to make a career out of spreading lies about the grandmother of his child if he likes. There’s very little anyone can do to stop him since it’s a he-said/she-said situation. Some people will even believe him. Malevolent sociopaths like Johnston often manage to fool people — at least for a little while. So let him mouth off about his huge secret on CBS. He’s probably talking with his agent right now trying to figure out what it is and the biggest media outlet he can get to cover it. That’s what snakes like Johnston do when they get a chance.

The people who really deserve to be ashamed are the people who know better. Those are the people in the media who figure Johnston is a liar, don’t have any more respect for him than they do for something they scraped off their shoe, and yet still give him an outlet to peddle his fabrications because they hate Sarah Palin. Levi Johnston may be trash, but it’s the people who are spreading that garbage everywhere as if it’s credible who should retch every time they look at their own faces in the mirror.


Quote of the day – Dennis Miller

The waiting room outside Dr. Obama’s Snake Oil Emporium is populated by the likes of General McChrystal, the Dalai Lama and Fox News, meanwhile Kadaffi, Chavez and Aqua-velvajad are walking around backstage with All-Access laminates. Not since Lana Turner hooked up with Johnny Stompanato has a great star exhibited such poor taste in men.

The Washington Examiner

Evidence that Barney Frank has been in Congress too long

Way back in 1986, President Reagan created the Alien Border Control Committee in response to several horrific terrorist attacks: the 1983 bombing of our Marine barracks in Lebanon that killed 241 soldiers, the hijackings of  TWA flight 847 and the cruise liner Achille Lauro.  The CIA complained that America was vulnerable to terrorists entering this country and creating sleeper cells. Reagan created ABCC so that the FBI and the CIA could work in tandem to root out those suspected terrorist illegals who had either over stayed their visas or entered the country illegally.

Within 6 months, the ABCC had it’s first success story. The CIA tipped off the FBI about a group of suspected Palestinian terrorists living in Los Angeles. Eight men were arrested. But instead of being applauded, they were slapped in the face by civil liberties organizations who held that information gleaned by the CIA from routine visa investigations, should  be banned.

Can you imagine? This violated the civil liberties of not only non-Americans but illegal and suspected terrorist non-Americans. So this kind of information should not be allowed.

Leading these civil liberties groups was Congressman Barney Frank, always a big civil liberty advocate. He wrote an amendment to the Immigration and Nationality act that said that being a member of a terrorist group was not sufficient grounds to prevent enterance into the United States. A visa could only be denied if there was proof that the person in question had committed a terrorist act.

Mind you, this was all pre-9/11.

Thanks to this Frank amendment, there was no longer any way to prevent suspected terrorists from obtaining visas, even when there was information connecting them to terrorist organizations.

This was 25 years ago.

Barney Frank has been in Washington too long and has created way too much damage.


Why do these people believe we care what they think?

Forgive me for this but why can’t these people just do what they do best and keep their politics the themselves?

I love Sting and seeing him in concert, with my kids, was a HUGE deal for me. Especially because it happened on the weekend after I found out I had a brain tumor.  It was waaaaaaay cool to hear him sing Roxanne (my name)!

And then he comes along and says this stupid shit.