Just another photo-op

Obama’s response to “He’s golfing while our soldiers die”…


I wonder who was in charge of teaching him the correct way to salute? This must be killing his marxist sensibilities – having to salute and pay phoney homage to our fallen heros.

What a phoney! He disgusts me!

More on this at GatewayPundit.com

2 responses to “Just another photo-op

  • roxannadanna

    Indeed. How people can’t see that this was nothing more than image building is beyond me. GW kept his meetings with the families of the fallen, private to honor their grief and the loss of our hero.

    TheOne is always going to be front and center because it’s all about him!


    This is detestable.
    George W. Bush did this on a consistent basis, and never a blatant photo op.
    This is obviously a “get my face out there during the conflict I’m running up against for dithering on the wars”.
    Believe me, he is so arrogant and naive that he thinks these shenanigans are helping him.

    The problem is that the ignorant people out there think he is a god.

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