Government health care should scare everyone

There are sad, hard luck stories of people who can’t afford the health care they need. They can’t get or keep their insurance due to major or catastrophic medical issues.

No one understands that any better than I do.

I’ve been blessed to have health insurance that for whatever reason, covers my condition. The amazing thing about that is that my insurance company still took me on even with a pre-existing condition and covers my medical bills and my prescriptions. Now the fact that I applied for this insurance a mere 3 weeks before I had any clue that I had a problem, might be part of it, but I doubt it. And believe me, I worry that one day it will become too expensive for my insurance company to continue to cover me. If this healthcare reform shit goes through, there’s a good chance my insurance company will dump me at some point in the future.

My pre-existing condition is not curable, at least not at this time. Something may be developed or discovered someday that will fix me. That’s called hope.

I’ve also been lucky enough to have the financial resources to pay for my doctor and my medical bills. I can still work, for one thing.

My point in is this: There are millions of Americans with medical conditions like mine who don’t have the financial circumstances I have and those are the people who need help. We can help them without trashing the entire system and starting from scratch. If that happens, if we dump the whole system, then I will be without when the time comes that I will be in the most need. And it won’t be just me who will be without, it will be EVERYONE who will be suffering. It will be my parents and your parents or our spouses. Because with this system that the government wants to implement, when we get too old or if there is no cure, we will be left out of medical services (partly because there won’t be enough doctors and nurses) and left to die.

This health care crap that they want us to live under scares me. It should scare everyone who has a parent or a spouse they love.

There have to be ways to help people who really need it without making everyone else suffer and do without. There has to be a way to make the system work for everyone without throwing the whole system out. It just seems that there are too many loud mouths on one side who are not willing to see any other options besides a communist one. It doesn’t work anywhere, it never has. Why do these dopes think it will work here?

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