Fruit Loops replacing Marlboros as trial lawyers new payday

Hugh Hewitt at

The problem isn’t just the FDA of course, but also the legions of plaintiffs’ lawyers who need a replacement for cigarette and asbestos plaintiffs.  Imagine the vista that is opening before them as they consider suits for damages brought against makers of all sorts of food products which can be alleged to have contributed to Dick’s and Jane’s diabetes developing at age 10 due to chronic obesity.  The jury will be presented with the FDA’s statements and experts will testify on how the Fruit Loops fairly lept from the shelves into the mouths of children everywhere.  Cha-ching.

The government seal of apporval

The new food seal of apporval

We’ve had the tobacco industry to financially eviscerate, drug companies, then asbestos and now it’s going to be cereal?  Just as the tobacco lawsuits have been, this is going to be another boon for the attorneys in this country.

More lawsuits because some cereal made my child fat and all facilitated by the federal government. Thank you for that.

2 responses to “Fruit Loops replacing Marlboros as trial lawyers new payday

  • roxannadanna

    LOL. Good points!
    The defense is that these children were misled by their PARENTS!!! That opens a whole other set of law suits…

  • Dena

    They will also have to explain to juries that the children in question had jobs so that they could go buy their own groceries. Then when they got home they cooked their own meals. That will explain their obesity. Because they were so young they just didn’t know any better. They believed the commercials or some other nonsense.

    This will be interesting to hear these lawyers say this without exactly saying it.

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