Daily Archives: October 21, 2009

Quote of the day

These are the times that try men’s souls.  Thomas Paine

Could this be more relevant?

New ACORN Philadelphia Video

The site won’t let me pick it up to post.

See it here.

Breitbart.tv » Gingrich: This is the Most Radically Left-Wing Government in American History

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Another ACORN video today

According to The Hill, at some point today, Reps. Steve King (R-Iowa) and Thad McCotter (R-Mich.) will be appearing with Giles, O’Keefe and Breitbart with the release of a new video from the ACORN Philadelphia office. This office was said, by ACORN, to have refused the duo any help setting up a child prostitution ring and, in fact, had kicked them out of the office.

I think that once this video is released, we’ll find out differently. And once again, Bertha Lewis and ACORN will be shown to be a lying, criminal organization.

Obama to Fox viewers: I’m not your president

Honestly, how many people miss seeing the White House propagandists on Fox’s Sunday show? Since the White House has black-balled Fox News and no one from the Obama administration is allowed to speak on Fox, has any Fox viewer felt like they are missing some great words of wisdom?

Scott Ott, from PJTV made that point on their Trifecta video, with Bill Whittle and Steve Green. To which Green added, he’s “more likely to watch a show that doesn’t have David Axelrod on.” And in the words of Whittle, the WH thinks that we are missing out on the pearls of wisdom from a group who think they are “the smartest people in the whole wide world.”

Seriously, what kind of news are you going to get from WH talking heads? None. You’ll get spin or deflection. Certainly not truth. These guys are liars and thugs. Fox viewers are missing nothing by the boycott of TheOne.

The WH want us to all believe that by marginalizing Fox, they are going to make the point that everyone and all other news media should ostracize them, too. And Axelrod and Rahm made that point to the LameStreamMedia in not so subtle ways on the Sunday talk shows:

They are trying to bully the entire Washington press corps into following their line and to ignore any news that comes out of Fox, because the news that has come out of Fox has been less than flattering to TheOne: Van Jones, ACORN, propagandizing the NEA, Anita Dunn’s crush on Mao, a WH “rat on your neighbor” website…

Those thugs might have to be faced (notice I didn’t say might have to answer to) some hard questions from the press if they continue to follow the news that Fox has been breaking. And not only that but millions of viewers on the other networks might find out about the communist take over of their government. God forbid that the citizens find out about that!