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Announced on Laura Ingraham this morning

Press conference tomorrow morning with Breitbart, Hannah Giles and James O”Keefe.

More ACORN videos to be shown and released.

Should be a fun thing to watch!

The hits just keep on comin’

From Gateway Pundit: One more commie in the White House.

I don’t think there’s one non-communist in the administration, do you?

Isn’t it amazing  how this all just went right by so many of us last November? Is this what those who voted for him, wanted? Did they have a clue this is what they were going to get?

Does the press and media understand what happens to them under communism? They all go away and the likes of Anita Dunn and Mark Lloyd take their place. Obama’s just getting started with Fox.

What truly useful idiots these followers are.  I have nothing but disdain for them all.

Quote of the day

… whatever the case, these false accusations of racism, while often undertaken under the mantle of “liberalism,” are not liberal at all. They are reactionary – reactionary just in the sense it is traditionally defined: “Reactionary (also reactionist) refers to any political or social movement or ideology that seeks a return to a previous state (the status quo ante).”

What we have then among the media and Internet race-baiters is a form of nostalgia for racism – a longing for the days when you could simply brand your enemies with the “r-word” and discredit them and everything they have to say in one extreme melodramatic gesture.

Yes, it’s reactionary and, no, it’s not working.

Roger L. Simon/PajamasMedia

Your -ism laughs for the day

Obama is not Hitler – He’s Neville Chamberlain

Bill Whittle of PJTV.

Excellent as always. If you have 10 minutes, this history lesson is worth your time. Although any time for Bill is worthwhile.

Neville Chamberlain

Neville Chamberlain

“Create a Tsunami”

From Verum Serum:


H/T to Verum Serum and Ed Driscoll, 2 excellent and smart websites.  They are both on my weekly “must read” lists.

Ed Driscoll » Video: The Abu Ghraib Of The Great Society — Andrew Breitbart On ACORN

Vodpod videos no longer available.