Amazing admissions: “We controlled the message, the media”

Republicans can take some lessons from these videos. She’s very forthright in her explanations about the campaign tactics they used, how they used them and why they worked. The Republican party doesn’t have much time to get up to speed.

Obama stayed away from the press and put his message out in measured ways on YouTube and his websites. That way his handlers were able to control the message. However, one distinct time that they failed to control the media and the candidate was this:

And when “spreading the wealth” caused him so many problems, he came back by denigrating Joe the Plumber:

But I’m wandering off topic now…

What I find also amazing in this is the admission that the media was duped by the campaign. Duped, used and manipulated. And still the MSM will be singing his praises. Those guys are just not bright enough to understand what she’s said about them.

Story @ WorldNetDaily.

Other media outlets should be afraid of this black-balling of Fox. On Sunday, several administration officials went out again and reiterated the Dunn line that Fox is not a credible news agency and even chastised the MSM for allowing Fox to set the news agenda. I guess that Rahm would have preferred that once Fox broke the ACORN story, no one else would pay attention to it. And maybe that was the veiled intention of his comment: “just because Fox says it’s news doesn’t mean the rest of you guys have to cover it, too.”

Video and story @ NewsBusters.

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