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Duplicitous CNN talking head has his own closet skeletons

H/T to Erick Erickson of RedState.com. A must read!

Rick Sanchez, what kind of hell are you living in? Any kind of hell? How dare you?

From 4:00 on this video:

And this story with video:

Doing what he does best

It’s all about the votes.

Doing what he does best. (NYDailyNews)

Doing what he does best. (NYDailyNews)

The same states that Obama targeted to win the White House are seeing an awful lot of the president, Vice President Joe Biden and top Cabinet officials. Only this year, the taxpayers are footing the multimillion-dollar tab for the trips, and Obama officials are delivering wheelbarrows of economic stimulus money – also compliments of taxpayers.

An Associated Press review of administration travel records shows that three of every four official trips Obama and his key lieutenants made in his first seven months in office were to the 28 states Obama won. Add trips to Missouri and Montana – both of which Obama narrowly lost – and almost 80 percent of the administration’s official domestic travel has been concentrated in states likely to be key to Obama’s re-election effort in 2012.

Philip Elliot/AP

He has not governed, he has campaigned. From selling the stimulus package to his world apology tour to his failed bid at the Olympics, TheOne is doing what he knows best: campaigning.

If he were actually governing, he’d have to be at home in the oval office. Instead he’s flying all over – at taxpayer expense – to sell his Marxist agenda to crowds of adoring, fawning crowds. He’s yet to figure our that he’s preaching to his own choir and ignoring the ones who really do need to be won over (see his Fox Feud).  And he’s laying the groundwork for his re-election by pandering to and paying off those states that will be crucial to him in 2012.

Do you get this? He’s campaigning for 2012 on OUR DIME!

Now to be fair, I don’t know what President Bush did during his terms. And it would be interesting to be able to make a comparison. But I do know that this is not the candidate I wanted as president last year and he will not be the candidate of my choice in ’12, so I resent that my tax dollars are paying for this… and other things like flying a pizza chef into DC for lunch (even the UK Daily Mail did a story on that) or flying Oprah to Copenhagen at the taxpayer’s expense or a gratuitous fly-over of Manhattan that scared the crap out of thousands.

Notice how so much of his taxpayer use is for flying? I guess if I had an Air Force One parked in my yard, I’d want to play camping-out in it, too.  Eventually, I expect the novelty to wear off for the Obamas.

What’s most amazing in all this is that the AP is actually doing a story about it.