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Quote of the day

Black Leaders Ignore Black-on-Black crime

By E.W. Jackson Sr.

Treating poor black people as victims to be “organized” has been an abject failure. They are human beings to be educated, inspired and required to take responsibility for their own lives. The tragedy here is that Derrion was doing just that and it was working, but the malignant pathology of the ghetto spread to him on that unfortunate day and ended his promising life.

Drop in DVD sales causing some belt-tightening in Hollywood

Due to the collapse of the DVD market – up to 25% drop – the entertainment industry and movie studios are suffering major quakes. A large part of this decline can be blamed on a world-wide financial crisis.

But it warms my heart to see the the anti-American-entitled-elite-activist “artists” might be suffering some income decline, too. If they want to “share the wealth” then they also need to “share the misery” that the rest of us are toiling under.

I’m still boycotting movies. I refuse to line the pockets of activist, anti-American entertainers. And I refuse to call them movie stars or even artists. They are no more special than you or I and have no business telling me who I should support or how I should vote or what kind of car I should be driving.  They are not going to impose their political beliefs on me.

As the lineup of newly elevated studio executives scramble for solutions, expect an even greater emphasis on so-called “branded entertainment”: sequels and movies based on toys, old television shows and other familiar themes. Movies already in development include one based on the View-Master children’s toy and an adaptation of the board game Battleship, scheduled for release July 2011, the same month as a third “Transformers” film. There also will likely be far fewer adult dramas and less reliance on movie stars — many of whom can no longer draw ticket buyers, and are seeing their guaranteed salaries slashed.

Although the studios will occasionally devote more than $200 million producing high-profile titles like the “Harry Potter” and “Spider-Man” sequels, executives are trying to spend less on star compensation, especially since some of the town’s highest-paid stars — $20-million actors such as Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Russell Crowe — have proved over the last year that their names on the marquee hardly guarantee that crowds will come.

Editor’s note: I’ve found 2 great websites for movies and tv: hulu.com and firstonmars.com. They’re really great. One has dozens of old Star Trek and Alfred Hitchcock episodes. And the best part is – they are free!

Wake up, Glenn. They’re pulling an Alinsky on you.

And you are NOT a private citizen. You are a public person. And as a public person, you are a target for everything and anything from everyone: not that it’s right or ethical or even civil. The attacks on Beck by the left are none of those things.

The left is afraid of Beck, just like they are of Sarah Palin, else there would be no attention paid to either of them.

Like him or not, seriously, look what Beck’s accomplished. He’s been instrumental in bringing down ACORN. He exposed Van Jones and brought about his resignation. He’s exposed rampant socialists and socialism in the Obama administration.  And probably the most important thing he’s done: he brought together an entire segment of this country who felt left out and ignored and empowered them – the 9/12er’s.

But just like Palin, the left can’t argue Beck’s points so they attack him, personally. They can’t stand his base of supporters or his popularity so they’re doing an Alinsky: target, freeze, ridicule and then keep up the pressure. How much does it matter to anyone the circumstances of his mother’s death? And when is a public person’s life his own? They can’t attack him for being an alcoholic, he’s made that part of his life totally public.

But his mother’s death? I mean com’on. How does it benefit anyone to know this? And why does it matter to anyone?

Just like right-to-lifer’s who bomb abortion clinics, the left does nothing to further their cause by beating this drum; if anything, it hurts their cause. People have sympathy for someone who’s personal and private life is put under the microscope by others who are anything but well meaning. This does nothing but increase Beck’s ratings and make him a more likable and sympathetic figure.

Like Beck says: if the left (including the media) has an issue with the investigations that he’s been doing, if  they can refute the things he’s uncovered, then get to work and do so. Otherwise, shut your pie hole and leave his personal life to him.

Or not. But continue these attacks at the risk of discrediting yourselves because regarding Glenn’s personal life, we don’t care.