Conservatives are the left’s scapegoat

The president, the self proclaimed “citizen of the world,” dropped into Denmark for 5 hours, made an I-me-mine speech, then jetsetted out and the left is blaming Bush and conservatives for an Olympic-sized loss?

This is called projection.

I didn’t care if Chicago won this thing or not, although news reports were that many Chicagoans were against it.

But once again, TheOne was told NO by the world and the left can’t accept that it could be his own fault. It couldn’t be that TheOne took for granted that he could just drop in and give a glittering speech and win on his charisma and teleprompter-eloquence. The world is watching him and the world leaders are finding him to be naive and inexperienced – exactly what the right said about him last year during the campaign. So far, he’s not shown that he can step up to the plate and dispell any of those reservations. In fact, his indecision on Afghanistan and his lack of substance on his own healthcare reforms only reinforce those opinions of him. And reports are that his world apology tour didn’t endear him to our allies (think Sarkosy here.)

So TheOne and his staff (Valerie) miscalculated and messed up in Denmark and somehow that translates that conservatives caused this embarrassing Olympic slap down.  We need to get used to this. The left won’t take any responsibility if anything goes south for this president. For the next 3 years, every failure or faultering by this president will be OUR fault.

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