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Obama’s skewed priorities

A high school honor student is beaten to death in broad daylight in front of dozens of kids and gang memebers and the president has nothing to say. He’s too busy in his failed bid to get the Olympics for Chicago. He and Michelle are too busy wasting tax dollars on another New York date night.

Obama was quick to call out cops in Boston for “acting stupidly” and then back peddle by inviting the 2 involved to the rose garden for a beer in the role as  peace maker.

The president was drinking Bud Light, Biden was drinking Buckler (a nonalcoholic beer), Gates was drinking Samuel Adams Light and Crowley was drinking Blue Moon.

This is important crap, folks. It was important that Obama interject himself in this Gates-Crowley thing.  After all, we have cops “acting stupidly” by doing their jobs and responding to what a good neighbor thought was a B & E in progress and a Harvard elitist “professor” agitating for his 15 minutes of fame by verbally abusing those cops.

Beers all around, boys! Let’s all make nice!

But he’s silent on the horrific murder of Derrion Albert?

Sarcasm ahead: Oh, he’s sending his surrogates to Chicago: AG Eric Holder and Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. They are going to “have a conversation on gang violence” with other elite educators. I know this is going to solve a lot of problems and soothe the grieving this dead young man’s family is suffering.

Is this finally the wake up call for the black community that their messiah is NOT one of them? Is this finally going to make some of them see that the left is NOT really on their side? The left see these people as a voting bloc, not as individual human beings. And as long as they are poor, disgruntled and angry, they will remain a voting bloc. It’s therefore to the left’s benefit to keep them that way.

They will turn a blind eye to the violence and hatred that’s growing in our schools and communities because it’s to their benefit to have them violent and angry. Another black kid dead just reinforces their cause: the oppression from the white community is the reason for all their problems.

We should all be disgusted and appalled by this murder. Derrion was an innocent young man caught up in a horrible situation. It doesn’t matter what color his skin was. He was someone’s son and grandson and they are now carrying the worst grief there is. And their president doesn’t seem to give a whit about Derrion or them.

Derrion did nothing wrong and by all accounts, was doing many things right.

I have to wonder though, had Derrion been murdered by 4 white kids, would TheOne then had something to say?

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PJTV’s humorous PSA response

The more stuff I see from these Hollywood types, whether it’s ads that patronize us into favoring government run health care or telling us it’s not “rape-rape,” the more righteous I’m feeling about NOT supporting them or their work.

Quote of the day

Do not ever say that the desire to “do good” by force is a good motive. Neither power-lust nor stupidity are good motives.

Ayn Rand

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