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Wasting our $$ and what if Chicago doesn’t win?

Do you know what it costs and what is involved in a presidential/first family trip? Me neither.

But I know it must cost a helluva lot of money. You know, he has to have a cargo plan to fly is limo to wherever he’s going. Reports say that he and Michelle are taking 600 others with them on this Chicago-Olympic pitch trip. And they flew in seperate planes. All the secret service guys. All the assistants to make-up and hair directors for Oprah, Valerie and Michelle.


And I thought we were all suffering and tightening our belts these days… well, all of us but the folks in power.

Arizona Indian Nation to the Sierra Club: STAY OFF THE RESERVATION!

Page, Arizona power plant that serves Arizona, California and Nevada. From USA Today

Page, Arizona power plant that provides electricity for Arizona, California and Nevada. From USA Today

Environmentalists successfully closed the Mohave Generating Station in Laughlin, Nev., in December 2005 after a pollution lawsuit.

That shutdown cost the tribe [the Mohaves] more than $6.5 million per year, according to May, and closure of the Navajo Generating Station would wipe out another $11 million.

Shirley’s statement of solidarity with his neighboring Hopi tribe ripped environmentalists for fighting development of Desert Rock Energy Project. This is a $2.5 billion proposed coal-fired power facility that Shirley described as “the most important economic development project in our nation’s history.”

Entire story here.

Diminishing the impact and looking stupid

Holocaust? Oh come on. How much lower on the name calling and vilifying  will they get? Will Nancy come out with her crocodile tears and bemoan the mean spirited exchanges coming from her house? I doubt it because they think they are justified in their attacks.

Keep throwing out these charged words (racist, nazi, holocaust, klansmen) and you diminish their meanings.

If this is the level of intelligence we have making our laws, this is then an indicator of how smart we are.