Quote of the day – MARK STEYN

Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn

“The day after the president of the United States addressed the U.N. General Assembly, the prime minister of Israel took to the podium, and held up a copy of the minutes of the Wansee Conference at which German officials planned the “Final Solution” to their Jewish problem. This is the pathetic state to which the U.N. has been reduced after six decades: The Jew-hatred of Ahmadinejad and others is so routine that a sane man has to stand up in the global parliament and attempt to demonstrate to lunatics that the Holocaust actually happened.”

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2 responses to “Quote of the day – MARK STEYN

  • roxannadanna

    Yea, Steyn really is a great thinker and translator into words.
    It’s despicable that those hater-mongers get any kind of platform at the UN and you know what really gripes my ass? We pay 22% of the UN’s budget!!! All so we can be detested and ripped apart by the likes of Chavez and his ilk!

  • LisaInTX

    The man is right on!!!
    Pathetic is an understatement! When evil attempts to re-write history, I’d say that treaties or alliances are pointless.
    Our nations history has been re-written by those SAME type of people and look where we are today. Those of us that “cling” to our founding documents and the principals that made this nation great are being demonized as terrorists, racist, extremist in our country!!! Yep—-this is so much MORE than pathetic…..it is beyond deranged insanity. :-/

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