Issuing threats to talk radio

MATTHEWS: They, they, people the activists on radio are not afraid because they’re not afraid of anything. But at some point if we have violence in this country against our president of any form or attempt, people are gonna pay for it, the people who have encouraged the craziness. And I get the feeling, at some point, the responsible grown ups like people who have [been] elected 20 or 30 years, who know what it means to be responsible officeholders, must be saying to themselves, “I don’t want to be one of the people responsible if one of these Looney Tunes gets a gun and does something.”

Does Chris Matthews take the same credit for the pro-lifer who was gunned down? Does he take responsibility for the pro-Obama nutcase who bit off the finger of man at a town hall meeting?

Is the standard going to be the same for the Twilight Zone media?

When did he become OUR president, Chris? He might be yours, but he’s shown himself to not care about being mine. He refuses to talk to the 22% of independents who watch Fox News, just because they watch Fox News. He had no idea about any TEA party rallys. He wasn’t paying attention to the amount of federal money (MY taxes, by the way) that ACORN has been and would be receiving.

Who’s president is he? He said he wanted to be the president of all the people and then he acts contrary to that at every turn.

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