Ditto the Quote of the day

Mark Levin

I’ve been asking the same question for months: What audience is Beck playing to? Although he’s done great things with his show – educating and encouraging Americans, uncovering people who really don’t belong in government –  he’s sitting on the fence, pandering to the left leaners too much of the time.

Does anyone (anyone who thinks like a conservative) seriously believe that we would be worse off with McCain as president? How many marxists/socialists would be in the administration right now under McCain? How many 9/11 truthers would be there? Would we be scrapping the missile defense for eastern Europe and crapping on our allies if McCain were president? Would he be putting off generals, and our soldiers, in Afghanistan?

McCain was not the ideal candidate but to say that we would be worse off with him, is way too much of a stretch for anyone who has a thinking brain. So the question remains, who is Beck talking to?

If you criticize Beck on most conservative blogs, you will have the wrath of the Beckites down on you. When Levin calls this a cult of personality, he is right on the mark (pardon the pun.) These people brook no criticism of him.

I give credit where and when I think it’s due. When Beck has uncovered corruption or when he’s said great things, I credit him for it. But when he’s pandering – and by his quote to Couric, he is pandering – I call that out, as well. And honestly, I’m disappointed.

The Beckites should be as well.

Mark Levin

Mark Levin

2 responses to “Ditto the Quote of the day

  • roxannadanna

    I give credit when and where I think it’s due. And I’ve given Beck credit on my blog before. But this quote about Obama being better for this country than McCain, is over the top for me.

    He’s pandering and got himself on the MSM (and the cover of Time) by doing so. And when he made this comment to Couric, I finally saw the cult of personality that Levin has been talking about. Before this, I blew off Levin’s comments but taking this along with the Beckites wrath anytime someone disagrees or criticizes Beck, gives credibility to what Levin has been saying.

  • ClassicFilm

    I have loved Beck for ages, but yes, he’s been changing and I have mixed emotions about it. No one person remains the same, stagnant, without experiencing life-affirming experiences and new-found wisdom. But it does indeed seem that Beck has flung the pendulum to the left more and more frequently. Just because I don’t agree 100 percent of the time with any one conservative talk show host means nothing – heck, I don’t agree 100 percent of the time in a given DAY with my darling husband.

    Levin has become more acrimonious towards Beck these last few months, always taking a swing or two at “the back benchers.” Sigh.

    Admittedly, a little of Beck on the radio goes a long way… his ongoing emotionalism can really be a downer for me, although it’s been a while since I’ve listened to him on the radio – with the ACORN expose’ and the Van Jones resignation, he may be far more spirited now.

    Despite his flaws and increasing pandering, I’m still willing to give Beck the benefit of the doubt. It was on his radio show last summer that I first heard about the potential for a socialist administration if Obama was elected president. Beck played a number of audio tapes… among them, was the infamous “spread the wealth” tape Obama did on a talk show, where he felt the Constitution was too limiting for what the government could do to the people.

    I was driving while listening and was so stunned, I nearly hit the car in front of me.

    My eyes were wide open from that point, and it’s because of Beck. I had no idea Obama was a socialist, but the evidence was all there back in July or August 2008 when I was listening that day in my car.

    No doubt Limbaugh or Levin or Hannity would have done the same, but for me, this was the first time I truly realized what we were facing with Barack Obama (and this was long before the election and I’d never heard of Sarah Palin at that point). What socialism would do to our nation.

    And I experienced cold, heart-gripping fear for my country. This was the second time I had ever felt this way about America… the first time was on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

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