Who’s suggesting violence?

This kind of rhetoric is not helpful.

3 responses to “Who’s suggesting violence?

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  • Dena

    There is nothing I can add to this. So I’m going to say “DITTO”.

  • ClassicFilm

    I agree with Pelosi, provided she’s referring to her own public statements as of late… those of calling conservatives and town hall protesters Nazis, Astro-turf, and un-American. Provided that she’s referring to Harry Reid calling conservatives at town hall protests evil. Provided she’s referring to Maxine Waters who said this week, referring to those hundreds of concerned Americans who attended the 9/12 March from all over the country, as racists and homosexuals. Provided she’s referring to former president Jimmy Carter’s assertion that anyone who opposes Obama’s policies is a racist.

    Words, with the violence and they can and do incite, demand that a person take responsibility.

    Nancy, start criticizing dangerous speech by scrutinizing the face you see in the mirror and stop verbally attacking and maligning those who do not agree with you or the president. Dissent is good, you’ve said, but it’s obvious that it’s only dissent of Republican presidents that you admire.

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