Timing out the Alinsky bullys

“I think it’s based on racism,” Carter said in response to an audience question at a town hall held at his presidential center in Atlanta. “There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president.” MyWay

Jimmy Carter is the roundly acknowledged worst president we’ve ever had.  His book now recommended reading by Osama’s book club and his anti-semite, race baiting diatribes have given him a place in history that he othewise would never have had. Most people would not want to have that particular place. But I guess if you’re Jimmy Carter, considering what the alternative is, you’ll take whatever historical position you can.

Callling RACISM on anyone who doesn’t tow the Obama line is starting to wear thin. Like calling someone a Nazi, the overuse of these labels are  losing their impact. And in fact, it’s starting to make these name callers look delusional and desperate. Case in point:

Hank Johnson a democrat and member of the Black Caucus suggested that a “failure to rebuke the South Carolina Republican is tantamount to supporting the most blatant form of organized racism in American history.”  Johnson also went on to say, “people will be putting on“white hoods and white uniforms again and riding through the countryside”!  Moonbat Patrol

Alinsky’s rule of targeting, attacking and freezing the opposition only works when the attackee allows it to work. Name calling puts the victim on the defensive. It’s no different than the playground bully we’ve all had experience with.

There are 3 tactics to counter this Alinsky rule: 1. defend against it; 2. return the name-calling; 3. diminish it’s impact –  demeaning it’s use by ignoring it.

Tactics 1 and 2 esculate the “discussion” and are counter-productive. They are forms of rewarding negative behavior and reinforcing it. (Many of us understand this if we raised kids.) Letting the message deteriorate to a one word label (racist or nazi) doesn’t further the message of the victim. On the contrary, it reinforces the position of the bully.

On the other hand, ignoring the people who scream racist at the top of a hat, demeans them and renders them inconsequential to any debate. And seriously, who can be more inconsequential  than Jimmy Carter?

The victim needs to ignore the name and continue the conversation beyond and past this or end the conversation until or unless the bullying stops. It’s kind of like a “time out” for the Jimmy Carters and the Hank Johnsons of the world.

Someone needs to be the adult, the parent if you like, in this and take control of the situation or the bullys will keep running amuck.  These are obviously not mental giants if their argument is to scream racism at every turn. We need to start timing them out, isolating and ignoring them until they can come to the table with intelligent discussion and more than a one-word argument.

5 responses to “Timing out the Alinsky bullys

  • arlenearmy

    I just couldn’t wait til tomorrow & so I got curious. I was looking into wikipedia where it says that ALL U.S house members are up for reelection on Nov. 2, 2010


    It says:
    “The 2010 United States House of Representatives elections will be held on November 2, 2010, halfway through President Barack Obama’s first term in office. Elections will be held for all 435 seats, representing the 50 U.S. states. Elections also will be held for the delegates from the District of Columbia and four of the five U.S. territories.”

    • roxannadanna

      I think 1/3 of the senate is up next year, too.

      I hope we can regain some of our lost seats next year. In the senate, I think Dodd and Reid are already done. I don’t have a real feel for what will happen here in AZ, maybe Vicki at Frugal Cafe has a better feel, but McCain is up for re-election, too and he’s up against the founder of the Minute Men, Cox is his name. Interesting to see how that goes. I think it’s time for McCain to retire.

  • arlenearmy

    I will check into this some time tomorrow or Tuesday. If Im not mistaken, I think Hank Johnson replaced Cynthia McKinney.

  • roxannadanna

    Let me know what you find out. He’s a real lune who needs to be replaced in office.

    Conjuring up the Klan spectre is about as stupid and unnecessary as you can get… it’s all fear mongering.

  • arlenearmy

    I think Hank Johnson took a “time out” on that ACORN vote. Just like Conyers did. You’ll notice that Hank did not vote like the rest of the congressional black caucus. I am still gonna check to see if Hank has a safe seat in Georgia.

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