Please try your call again

Try to call the White House or Congress. Circuits are all busy.

I guess this new ACORN video has really got folks charged up!

One response to “Please try your call again

  • ClassicFilm

    As it should. This is a monumental disgrace on so many levels.

    Thank God for Andrew Breitbart and this young brave filmmaker, James O’Keefe. The tip of the iceberg, gang, it’s merely the tip.

    Today’s lead story on Big Government is about the same sting operation, but not in Baltimore… now, ACORN employees in the Washington, DC office want to help fund with our taxpayer dollars a child prostitution ring and to get tax evasion/tax fraud advice from ACORN. Videos available, proving it wasn’t a fluke, one-time problem in one ACORN office.

    What will it be tomorrow? Yeah, DOJ and IRS, get off your Obama-adoring fannies and do some ‘vestigatin’ already…

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