Are they surprised? A conservative used THEIR book!

Two fired at Baltimore ACORN office.

Alinsky said, hold them (your enemies) accountable by turning their own words and actions against them. Put them on the defense. These marxists have been doing this all along: turning her Christianity against Sarah Palain because she became a grandmother due to her daughter’s out of wedlock affair. Or how about Sanford and his extra-marital affair.

They have been holding our feet to the fire when someone slips up and putting us on the defense all the time.

Now we have started using the same tactic: Make their words and actions accountable and put them on the defense. They aren’t criminals? They don’t participate in criminal activity? Defend this, Obama, ACORN, all of these so-called community organizers.

Will Obama tell Holder to open an investigation? Will Holder do it or will he do like he did with the Black Panthers in PA? Don’t hold your breath on this. But the pressure and the public scrutiny has to be kept on them just like Alinsky has told them to do.


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