Brokaw bashing internet for spreading misinformation, smears

H/T to Gateway Pundit for being ahead of the game from the start.

“You  have to vet information, you have to test it the same way you do when you buy an automobile… you have to do the same thing with information…”

Well, gee Tom. Where were the networks and the press on this Van Jones thing? Where was the information from the MSM? Not one word! Not one story! Anyone who didn’t listen to Fox or Glenn Beck or read internet blogs, had no idea who this guy was, because you and your pretty face anchors refused to acknowledge there was a story.

And if this was a smear campaign, where were you guys to debunk it? No where to be heard. If some horrible injustice has been served on Jones, why weren’t the Greek chorus of Obamatrons, harping on the right for lying and smearing this “good man” before it came to a resignation in the middle of the night, on a weekend?

Face it, you dropped the ball. You, in fact, decided to not play ball. You decided to ignore this story and hope it would go the way of some internet urban myth. And when it didn’t, when it had legs that scurried all corners of the blogosphere, you come back and blame the messengers for telling it.

You guys in the LameStream Media are pathetic. Your credibility with the American public is “in the sewer” for trying to sit on a story and keep the country ignorant. This is not 1969. The press no longer drive the news. People do. People find out. People dig up the facts, youtube them and then they become viral. And you guys are left back at the ranch, holding your dicks, wondering how this all got away from you…


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