When the left media finally addresses Jones, it’s like this:

Up until recently, Van Jones, who is widely respected as an environmental activist, has been targeted by conservative pundits, who argue that his impolitic remarks, and the fact that he once identified as a “communist,” raises concerns about a secret agenda in the Obama White House, a suggestion that is unhinged, and not only because President Obama is in no way pursuing any policies that can be accurately characterized as “communist.” Jones, for his own part, no longer espouses “communism,” and his role, as an adviser to the CEQ, puts him at a far remove from major questions of economic policy.

But the fact that Jones appears to have espoused conspiracy theories about 9/11 seems to have changed the conversation, if only because the White House is now playing defense, declining to answer reporter questions. As it now stands, the White House does not have a ready answer for Jones’ past behavior, beyond the fact that he says he no longer agrees with those views. Heading into Labor Day weekend, White House spokesman Gibbs just does not want to talk about it.

From Time magazine

These 2 paragraphs speak for themselves. I don’t need to point out to you where the author’s gone wrong. It’s an opinion piece so there is no expectation of fairness and bias is expected, but this is a good illustration of the Obama apologetic press.

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